A cat with a jasmine plant growing out of his nose peeks out from inside a well on the cover of diverse book The Jasmine Sneeze
In a scene from The Jasmine Sneeze, a black, brown and white cat sits beneath an arch in the courtyards of Damascus and looks suspiciously at a jasmine plant
In a scene from The Jasmine Sneeze, the jasmine spirit encourages the jasmine plants to grow all over the city of Damascus
In a scene from The Jasmine Sneeze, a cat looks dizzy and disoriented as a jasmine plant grows from his nostrils
In a scene from The Jasmine Sneeze, a white cat with brown and black spots sits in a Damascus courtyard looking sad and scared

The Jasmine Sneeze

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Written & Illustrated by NADINE KAADAN


Haroun, the cat, likes nothing better than to spend his days sleeping in the sunlit courtyards of Damascus. But one thing always ruins his sleep: jasmine! Haroun can’t stand the sweet-scented flowers. It makes him sneeze! So one day, Haroun hatches a plan to fix the problem...with unexpected results!



‘A funny, magical tale whose conclusion gently suggests that there is room for us all in this world’ – Guardian Witness 

'You’ll get caught up in Damascus’ dense colours and patterns, as well as its light-hearted, sweet-smelling humour. A joy!’ – ArabLit

Book Details

Reading Age: 4-6 years
Extent: 32 pages
Book size: 24 x 24 cm
Pub Date: 11th April 2016
ISBN (softcover): 978-0-9932253-8-3

Customer Reviews

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My future cat will be named Haroum

Beautiful depiction of Damascus, and a very silly kitty cat named Haroum. I read this to my buddy's daughter when they visit, and we sneezed our way through the whole story every time. Instant hit with the kids!