On the cover of diverse book You're Safe With Me a baby pangolin, monkey, loris and tiger are surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Indian forest
In a scene from You're Safe With Me a baby monkey, tiger, loris and pangolin gaze up at the moon
In a scene from You're Safe With Me a toucan perches on a tree
In a scene from You're Safe With Me, the frightened faces of baby loris, pangolin, tiger and monkey peer out from behind a bush
In a scene from You're Safe With Me a tiger cub reaches up to the twinkling stars surrounding him

You're Safe With Me

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Written by CHITRA SOUNDAR | Illustrated by POONAM MISTRY


When the moon rises high and the stars twinkle, it is bedtime for the baby animals of the Indian forest. But tonight, when the skies turn dark and the night grows stormy, the little ones can’t sleep. SWISH-SWISH! CRACK-TRACK! FLASH-SNAP! goes the storm. Only Mama Elephant with her words of wisdom can reassure them. “You’re safe with me.”

This stunning picture book is followed by Kirkus Best Picture Book of 2018 You're Snug With Me and You're Strong With Me.



*WINNER 3-Star Teach Early Years Award
*Kate Greenaway Medal 2019 (shortlist)
*A Guardian Children’s Book of the Month
*EmpathyLab UK Read for Empathy Guide
*Booktrust's Books We Love
*Junior Library Guild selection

'A perfect bedtime picture book. A sleep-time staple for toddlers' – The Guardian

'This really is a dazzling book, soothing for bedtimes but with really amazing artwork that twinkles just like the night sky. Wow' – Phil & Charlotte May, Read It Daddy

Book Details

Reading Age: 4-6 years
Extent: 32 pages
Book size: 24 x 24 cm
Pub Date: 3rd May 2018
ISBN (hardcover): 978-1-911373-29-2

Customer Reviews

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“Mama’s here.”

The perfect bedtime story for little kids who don’t want to be left alone at bedtime 😂 the art is gorgeous as well and we had lots of fun finding the animals 😃

An amazing book!

My kids love it every time I read this book since I get to be so animated while reading all the words and making all the sounds in the story. It’s also a reassuring reminder for them that mum will always be around to keep them safe.