The Bookseller: Reflecting Realities: Why so surprised? An open letter from a small press

by Lantana Publishing on December 11, 2020

Original article published July 19, 2018 by Katrina Gutierrez

Lantana’s Chief of Communications, Katrina Gutierrez, responds to the Reflecting Realities report. “That only 1% of children’s books published in 2017 featured a BAME main character has galvanized many into expressing their dismay... At Lantana, we were not surprised.”

Katrina tells her own story of growing up feeling unrepresented by the books she read. She reflects on how the industry can better support small presses working to open up a space for diverse voices. “We call on readers, reviewers and influencers of all kinds: choose and read diverse and inclusive books. Choose them, and put them on your shelves and in your newspapers, until they are no longer the alternative choice, but the normal choice.”

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